Thursday, 24 July 2014

Things to do with Buttons in the Summer Holidays - Crafting Part 1

So - its the summer holidays at last . . . the weather seems stunning still, and the long weeks ahead are stretching out luxuriously . . .

But what to do when you hear those fateful words 'Im bored . . .'

Never fear - here is Seeded's guide to keeping your little ones engaged and I've just so happened to give it a Buttoneers slant ;) Well, you would expect no less surely . . . 

1. Button journal.

This one is a must for all over the summer holidays - a button decorated journal to record all those fab summer moments . . . Plus its a great one to do right at the start of the holidays . . . 

You will need:-

  • a selection of buttons
  • a notebook (either blank or lined, depending on your preference)
  • OR a hand made notebook for those slightly older and experienced crafters
  • glue
  • pens, glitter etc that you might want to personalise the notebook with
  • imagination to come up with your design of choice

2. Button Magnets

This is a really fun one for all ages and is something that you can use on your fridge or as gifts ;)

You will need:-
  • a selection of buttons 
  • magnets (these can be purchased at Hobbycraft or other similar outlets)
  • hot glue gun
Warning - this will require adult supervision as the hot glue gun is involved, but other than that it is as simple as gluing buttons to magnets 

3. Clothes Peg Button Racer

This is a great task that then leads to a grand-prix at the end 

You will need:-

  • 1 clothes peg (per car)
  • 4 buttons, of the same size
  • 1 drinking straw
  • 2 wire ties (like the ones you get for sealing freezer bags)
  • colored tape
  • school glue (optional)
  1. Cut two, one inch, pieces from the straw.
  2. Pass the wire ties through the straws and secure a button on each side. This can be done by either looping the tie through the button shank, or the button holes, depending on the type of buttons you have chosen to use.
  3. Clip one of the straw axles in the front of the clothes peg. You can glue it in place, but that isn't necessary.
  4. Slide the other straw axle into the back of the clothes peg, up against the spring.
  5. To hold it in place, wrap tape around the peg prongs until you are happy that its secure.
And thats it! All you have to do now is make a couple, select your race track (preferably something with a slope, or slidey wooden flooring!) and you are off!

So, I hope you find this inspirational - I'm off to make a car  . . .

Coming up - games . . .