Thursday, 19 January 2012

The final bucket list for 2012

At the end of 2011, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to change in 2012, and how I wanted it to be. As part of this process, I asked a lot of people what their resolutions were, in the vain hope that they would inspire me . . .

I came up with one main conclusion - I know a lot of inspiring people! It was wonderful to read about peoples hopes and dreams for the new year, and I decided to write a bucket list for 2012, to really make sure I make the most of it - I don't know about you, but I often find that a year flashes by without me really thinking about it . . .

So after many hours of thinking, and procrastinating (I am an expert in this area!), and wondering whether I would really keep a diary if push came to shove, if I really could give up eating chocolate, and drinking red wine, I came up with the following:-

  1. Be kinder to myself - recognise when I need time to myself and when people are taking more than I feel comfortable with . . . I'm a natural giver, and find it a real struggle to say no sometimes, without the major guilt trip after . . .
  2. Take time to enjoy the small things in life . . . be it a cup of tea made by Mr Seeded every morning, or a simple smile in the street from a stranger . . .
  3. Make more time for family, and really get to know my parents as individuals, rather than parents . . . both live quite far away, and I really want to make sure that we don't lose our links as my life gets busier and more hectic . . .
  4. Be inspired daily by others and the beauty around me - really take time to smell the sea air, appreciate the colours in nature that are immediately around me . . .
  5. Get creative! I have an art degree which I do nothing with, and its about time I start using it . . . I have no idea where to start, but this is the year!
So, that's it for now . . . I'm hoping that this time next year I will be looking back thinking 'yep, I did it, and I did it well . . .'

Love to you all, Ax


  1. Well Alex, I love the blog post and I feel inspired despite the fact that I found a stray Magnum in the freezer and decided to eat it!. I resolve to smell that sea air and feel the joy of life with you. I still need to eat fish and chips though and I really doubt my ability for the wine and chocs. Do indulge in that parental bit - let me tell you there are a million questions when they are gone but I don't regret a single minute spent on the phone or having a hug. Keep bloggin my friend and keep going with that creativity - there is alot more to you I know.... Jx

  2. I am so loving #3... if you did nothing on the list add something you did so you feel you accomplished something... haha... yeah I do this all the time. It does help.

    I am going to look Sark up when I go to the book store next. I am a bad procrastinator too... really bad.

  3. My resolution for 2012 was to read a book a week, (part of my wider plan to make sure that I take relaxation time for myself and not work all the time) I read 11 books in January and I'm on the third already for February! Very happy indeed!
    Your blog is really pretty, thanks so much for stopping by to say hello to me - and do feel free to get in touch about a book swap, I'm sure we can work something out -

  4. I would love to do a book swap . . . Its an idea thats been kicking around in my head for a while . . . we should talk more about this ;)