Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Somewhere . . .

Somewhere in 2012, I lost my way . . .

Between the new job, Seeded and Natterworking, I totally lost my pathway, and 2013 is the year that I get back onto that pathway, and start feeling more like 'me,' and doing the things that 'me' finds energising and inspirational.

So, having trawled the Internet for tips of achieving the potentially unachievable, I have come up with the following top ten tips or guidelines that I will be sticking to in 2013:-

1. Switch off! Yep, I'm going to make sure that I don't have phone anywhere near me when we eat dinner, or spend quality time together . . . this will be a toughie, as, like many of you I'm sure, either my personal or work phone is quite literally attached to my hand at all times . . . even when I am in the bath!

2. Explore! Be it taking a walk along the beach, visiting to a museum or art gallery, or going to a new destination somewhere in the world, I'm going to be open to exploring anything and everything . . . 

3. Say no to guilt! I often feel guilty that when I am at home in the evening I should be working, or when I am having to work late, I feel guilty that I should be at home with Mr Seeded . . . Its really important that in 2013, I check myself and remind myself that I need a break from both, to recharge the batteries and be able to come back into both environments fully focused and ready to give my best . . . this one is going to be a major hurdle for me, so watch this space!

4. Goals! I have many, and for those of you who know me personally, you know that I am always thinking, and coming up with new ideas . . . I sometimes feel its easier for me to give people ideas which I can see them take to fruition, rather than keeping them for myself, and letting me work through them and see something bloom and grow. So in 2013, I'm going to set some goals (more of these in another blog I think!) and aim to finish them! It will be interesting to see how I make this commitment to myself, and finally see something fly.

5. Eat! Of course I eat, but I will be looking more closely at what I eat, and make correlations between what makes me feel good, and what doesn't . . . I know sugar and wheat are my enemies, so I planning on cutting them out of my diet as much as I can.

6. Just me! Being an Executive Assistant means that I often don't put myself first (if I did, I wouldn't be doing a good job!) Once a week, I am going to plan in proper 'me' time, where I do something that I just want to do, without Mr Seeded. Ive a couple of books I want to start, so that's what I'm going to plan into my 'me' time to begin with.

7. Help! In 2013, I will ask for help if I need it . . . simple things sometimes can be the most effective!

8. Be 'Good Enough!' I am quite often a fool to myself . . . in the constant search for sheer perfection, I totally stress myself out. To counteract the stress (and the inevitable arguments it leads to!) I am going to let go, and allow things to sometimes just be 'good enough' rather than 'perfect.' Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to let my standards slip . . . however, I'm going to teach myself that when Mr Seeded puts the clean washing in the wrong place, its not time to cue WW3 . . .  at least its away, and in a place I can find it . . .

9. Stop Comparing! I'm sure we all do this, but by comparing my life with many other peoples, I end up despairing . . . I'm sure many peoples outer facade belie a completely different story, and I need to remember that although we all try to be superwomen, its totally impossible to be perfect, even if outer appearances are telling me something else!

10. Get Passionate! I need to get the passion back in my life, and I don't just mean with Mr Seeded . . . 

So, I'm going to give these a try . . . these aren't resolutions, but more like lifestyle choices, that I need to make, to make my life the one I want it to be, rather than letting outside influences take over.

Happy 2013 all!

Much love, Ax

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  1. Wow, I second that! These are all absolutely the things I have been saying to myself that I must get in control and perspective this year too...I think I have been feeling in a similar boat to you by the sounds of it this last year, so I have every sympathy and wishing you lots of luck! I'm rooting for you! :) x