Thursday, 12 April 2012

Times, they are a changing . . .
So when Bob Dylan sang those immortal words back in 1964, I bet he didn’t think that they would be used in a blog by a 30 something woman about the changes going on in her life . . . I never fail to marvel at how small a world it really is nowadays, and how popular culture immerses itself into our day to day lives.
Nothing has surprised me more than the growth and reach of ‘Seeded – Vintage Buttons and Haberdashery.’ When I started the Facebook page off back in September/ October of 2011, I never knew it would bring me so close to such amazing people around the world. It was really born from the fact that my day job had stagnated, and as far as I could see, it was going nowhere . . .
So, on a whim, I started this fantastic journey, that now incorporates buttons, and also Natterworkers . . .
However, things change, and also on another whim, I applied for, and got a job which I know is going to restrict my social networking time . . . It’s a huge step up for me, but I am really going to relish the challenge.
It’s a bitter sweet moment for me, but a great opportunity, as it also gives me the chance to take stock of how I work with Seeded and implement some changes . . . I have felt recently that my service standards aren’t where I would like them to be (massive fan of Michael Heppel here ;) ) and so I’m hoping to rectify this.
So, without further ado please find the following changes . . .
1.       Instead of weekly sales, there will be monthly button sales from May, on Facebook
2.       I will update all my Etsy listings, and this will be the main place that I post buttons from now on.
3.       If you have a special request for buttons, please do ask me, via Facebook or email  – I come alive when someone asks me for specific colours and styles, and I just love searching through the collections.
4.       I might be quiet on Facebook, but I am around – I can’t keep away from you lovely lot, and I really don’t want to miss out on any friendships I have gained there . . .
5.       It may also take me a little longer to come back to you, but please do be assured I will do ;)
I hope that makes sense, and if not please do shout . . . only time will tell if this will work out, but I have everything crossed ;)

Much love, Ax


  1. Wow, how exciting! I hope this change brings lots more exciting and lovely things into your life - and i'm sure it'll increase the demand for your lovely buttons - treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen!! :P

    The fact you've come SO far in only a matter of months totally boggles my mind, massive congrats for that huge achievement!

    Good luck with everything! :) Cx

    1. Thanks so much lovely - I cannot believe it myself either ;)

      Hope you are well?


    2. Yeah i'm not bad thanks! Really busy, got allsorts going on in all aspects of my life, but getting there! I think!!

      Would love to know if those buttons did get in the post or not, really hope not, cos they haven't arrived... hope i've not got a naughty postman!! (not hassling, just wanted to check!) :) xx

  2. I always look forward to your posts and love to look at the groupings even if I haven't purchased. I find myself grouping buttons that don't work for a bracelet and are too big for pendants or anything else but that go together. I think I'm going to start sewing them on purses as groups or something. I'm always inspired by your postings.
    I wish you much happiness and fulfillment in your new venture for sure but hope to see you on here as well. :)

    1. Thanks so much Nola - Im glad to hear you like my random posts . . . its lovely to have you here, and your best wishes are gratefully received ;)

      Im hoping that I will be around more than perhaps I have made out, but you can just never tell ;)


  3. Good luck with your new job, but please keep up the great 'button' work too - lol.
    Jo (aka Crafty Gifts & Cards)