Monday, 19 March 2012

Addicted to the tinterweb ...

So here I am in France, and I find myself craving the instant gratification of information I normally have access to when I am at home . . . You just boot up the computer, and there is a whole world of information at your fingertips ...It has really surprised me that it's got such a hold on me . . . My first brush with the world wide web was sending an email to a friend who was traveling around after uni . . . Before then it's was a complex system of post restraints across the world, and sitting and waiting for the next instalment of news ... From that moment on, I was hooked . . . And this was the time of dial up connections that would take forever, and kick you out whenever . . . For me, the web has opened up worlds that I never knew existed, stalls arguments mid-flow (long live Goolge!) and has connected me with friend new and old. It also enables me to write these random, rambling blogs ;) So, without much further ado, and having got my fix for the day, here's to the power of the world wide web! Cheers!


  1. now you've had your fix, go and enjoy the snow

    1. Hee hee! Yep, I'm outta here ;)