Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Matryoshka . . .
A Matryoshka doll is a Russian nesting doll, where the largest is the outside doll (traditionally dressed in a Sarafan, a Russian pinafore dress), and the smallest is the final baby doll in the centre made from a single piece of wood. I love these brightly and intricately painted dolls, as you might have seen from my Etsy Treasury today . . . http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTY1MzcxNDV8MjM2Nzc1NTk2Mg/matryoshka
I still have mine from when I was little – I found them in the bottom of my stocking one Christmas (which one I cannot remember) and not only loved their design, but the tactile smoothness of their highly lacquered shape. I would spend hours arranging them and rearranging them.
This morning though, I began to look at them in a different way – it had never even occurred to me that by opening one, you were stripping away a layer to reveal another one . . . not quite sure why I had never thought of this, as I’m very aware of the ‘Onion’ analogy.
I also began to think of them in another way too . . . at the moment, I feel a bit like that little baby doll, right in the very middle, on the start of a journey . . . I’m busy trying to build up my layers, not only in experience, but in emotional armour and stamina, so that soon I will be back to being the outside doll, with all these experiences and layers to fall back on . . . It’s a very exciting time for me . . . but it has also been rather frustrating, as I’m not sure if I’m coming or going . . .
Thanks for hanging in there with me – it’s great to have you along for the journey too.
Much love, Ax

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