Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mother of Pearl

I love mother of pearl, and always have done . . .

Since I was little, I would sit and stare at the beautiful colours that were reflected back at me, and get lost in them . . . I loved their texture, the smoothness, and the cool nacre that would warm to the touch . . . 

The first mother of pearl I remember was of my grandmothers - she had a wonderfully 1950s jewellery box, that was decorated in slithers of mother of pearl inlaid in-between ebony black wood . . . I have no idea where it came from, nor where it went since, but it remains in my memory, as did the song it played . . . what its title was eludes me, but I can still hear its tinkling tune now . . . 

The next was the most fabulous paste and mother of pearl jewellery set she had - it was just so old school glamour, and she used to let me dress up in it . . . How grown up I felt, being able to clip the earrings on myself . . . she used to pile my hair up in a chignon, and powder my nose - as close to make-up that I ever got to when I was little!

I am so pleased to say that she gave them to me when I was old enough to really appreciate them, and although a little bashed around as I used to wear them to university balls, I still love them dearly . . .

And now, I have my button collections . . . Oh! I could spend all day looking at them, and turning them this way and that . . .

Mother of pearl buttons are made from the nacre of mollusk shells mainly, and the history of their development is fascinating - have a look at this link for a little more information:-

In fact, they were the first buttons I ever had in my collection, and although I have become a bit of a button slut (in that I love any kind to pieces), I always go back to the beauty that is Mother of Pearl . . .

No matter what I will keep coming back to mother of pearl, and whenever I see a pile of fabulous mother of pearl buttons, my fingers start to itch!

How about you?

Much love, Ax


  1. Fab subject to blog on - loved it.
    Also love your gorgeous necklace & earring set - LUSH....!!
    Jo. x

    1. Thanks so much Jo ;) I truely love it!!